“We change the future with decisions we make today”. The right advice, at the right time is critical for survival in today’s business environment.

Working with Distressed businesses we have come up with ways to quickly and efficiently analyse businesses.

After research into the latest fields of Accounting, Business Consulting, Business Management, and Corporate Analysis it was found that a solid approach to quickly understand a business and the challenges it faces was not available.

What we found when developing and testing an Advisory model for business turnaround was that the same framework was a perfect fit for companies looking to raise capital.

As Partners we can work with investment houses and capital raising firms to arrange DD Packages and corporate analysis for a range of firms across a range of different industries.

An added output for those companies looking to raise capital was a set of recommendations that when implemented could take their business to the next level.

At each step along the way the key learnings were then added and implemented in the DD Reviews further building a solid Research and Advisory package companies at various life stages including growth cycle companies.

Growth Cycle Companies are firms that have hit a key life stage and have been unable to jump the hurdle. This has involved companies who were ‘overtrading’ (growing too fast for their cash flow), cash cow companies (mature companies with good earnings but stagnant in the marketplace), and Tail enders (companies having peaked or commenced decline).

In each case we work to understand the situation, analyse the opportunities, and work together with the business to implement change and respond to the shareholder needs and the market conditions.

Are we at risk? Where could we be attacked in the market? Are we displaying the early signs of distress? Our Corporate Health Check is designed to help you see in to the future.

Am I at risk? Are my personal assets exposed due to my role? At Icarian we know it is better to be prepared early than defending a burning castle. Our Director Liability Review identifies potential issues and sets up a plan to address them.

Looking to start up a new company? With years of work helping companies we know where and how things can go wrong, and we know how to get you going in the right direction.