We are interested in growing our membership and welcome your potential involvement. We look for individuals that are accredited* investors and have the financial ability, risk tolerance and desire to make early stage investments.

Members are also welcome to invest time and mentor in our portfolio companies and welcome potential members that are accomplished in building startups and have domain expertise that can be brought to bear in the evaluation of investment opportunities.

All members are not required to contribute to the funding. Funding or an investment is formed around those members that have an interest in investing in a company and at amounts that are at the member’s discretion.

We are dedicated to the group’s growth and success. And finally, we are dedicated to making private equity investments that earn superior venture returns through both acquisition and public offering investor exit events.

If Angel Investments or Equity Investments sounds attractive and you would like to speak to us to learn more or ask questions, please email us at We look forward to hearing from you and learning of your interest.

* To be accredited under SEC Rules, an investor must meet certain net worth and income criteria. Moksh Pty Limited is not licensed to give investment or financial advice. Members are advised to seek independent expert advise on any opportunities presented before investing.