Management is about providing strong leadership during critical life stages to companies. We help you manage projects or undertake works without having to build a full team within your company.

Primarily the Management function is engaged with our investee companies or projects.

Distressed assets in need of a rapid response can be run temporarily or even over longer periods by members of our core team or by one of our skilled External Advisors (EA).

EA’s are a collection of industry professionals from varying fields that can deploy on a part time basis in triage type scenarios.

The aim of the Management function however is not permanent. The EA’s selected are generally explorers and adventurers.

A group of people perfectly suited to dive in and address critical business issues, carve new paths, and generate new business however by this very nature they are not destined for long term placements.

Once the path has been cleared and the business has been stabilised the EA’s work to fill the role with a suitable replacement.

This generally takes the role of a manager or industry professional that is skilled at delivering long-term stable growth in a role.

Our Management placements have ranged from days to years however the right duration is entirely specific to the business.

It is however common for our EA’s to remain as general advisors to the businesses post placement.

“From professionals in the medical industry, sales masters, CFO’s, Building and construction experts, and everything in between. Our EA teams can provide the temporary solution in your time of need.”