Design, Develop and Implement a Strategic Business Plan

Stage 3 – Design, Develop and Implement a Strategic Business Plan – under a structured framework in three tiers:

1. Tier One

a. Business Planning – What do you want to achieve?
b. Vision Development – Goal of the business
c. Strategy Development – Roadmap to the goal – overview of the major strategies that will make the business successful
d. Structure Development – Organisation – Plant, Equipment and People
e. Culture Development – Motivate people to your vision and drive the business

2. Tier Two

a. Operational business development – how we are going to do this?
b. Products and Services – What we are going to offer to customers and clients?
c. Marketing and Sales – how are we are going to take the products to market and sell?
d. Finances – how we are going to forecast and manage cash flow?
e. Systems and Processes – how we are going to ensure smooth and efficient running of the business?

3. Tier Three

a. Ongoing performance management – Implementing the business plan, maintaining the progress and continually improving
b. Monthly strategy sessions – Implementing the tasks from the plan
c. Monthly management and board meetings – Reporting and measuring progress

FACT: If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it.

d. Growing the business – continuous growth should be a focus

FACT: If it’s not growing, it’s slipping.

e. Maximising profit and value – monitoring leakage and realizing profits and cash floating within the business in the core areas of the business should be a constant activity
f. Additional Services – Identifying extra activities to strengthen the business and its position.