Our success in delivering results for clients in a range of situations ranging from optimal to outright hostile has been under- pinned by one key area, Research.

To offer valuable advice one must first understand the variables and the situation.

Thorough research is the key to defining business problems and allowing for a framework in which to allow innovation to thrive.

We break down research into three distinct areas: Company, Entity, Director & Structure (CEDS); Business Analysis; and Financial Analysis.

A detailed picture with a high level view works to assist clients in seeing further and making better business decisions in uncertain times.

The two additional outputs of the Due Diligence (DD) works are the Action list and the Financial Dashboard.The Action List is a summary of the key activities and / or recommendations to implement in the business. This list is split between Low Lying Fruit and Significant Projects (SP’s). The SP’s are then ranked in order of cost benefit analysis.

The Financial Dashboard is a custom-built business analysis tool that brings the numbers and the analysis of the business financials to life. Each one tailored to the specific business allowing for quick and effective analysis by the leaders of the business.